Bookings can only be made through the UNIHABIT website. To reserve your accommodation, complete the application form and confirm payment of the €200 booking deposit.

If your booking is confirmed, the €200 booking deposit will be deducted from the security deposit payable at the time you sign the rental contract. Once your accommodation has been allocated the deposit cannot be returned.

If UNIHABIT is unable to confirm the booking, the €200 booking deposit will be refunded.

Once you have completed the online booking process you will receive an automatic email confirming that your booking has been processed correctly.

You will receive an email confirming your booking, the accommodation you have been allocated, and the duration of the rental contract.

Once your place in the residence is confirmed, both the resident and their legal guardian will receive a link to electronically sign the contract.

Yes, a security deposit of two months’ rent is required (the €200 booking deposit is deducted from this sum). The security deposit must be paid before you move into your accommodation. Payment should be made by bank transfer to the account in the name of your allocated accommodation. You will receive an email confirming the details of your booking.

UNIHABIT will return the full security deposit minus the cost of any damage to your accommodation and/or communal facilities, the final utility bills, and a final cleaning fee (no cleaning fee will be charged if your accommodation is left clean and tidy.)

Deposits are returned the month after the rental contract expires.

Yes, a registration fee is payable each academic year. The current fee is listed on the site.

Halls and apartments are allocated by UNIHABIT, but we do our best to match allocations to each student’s preferences.

It may be possible to change your allocated hall or apartment, subject to availability and subject to approval by UNIHABIT.

Yes, but preference is given to students at universities that have an existing agreement with us.

No. UNIHABIT accommodation includes fully equipped individual or shared kitchens where students can prepare their own meals.

Students are responsible for dealing with their own waste. The City Council operates a network of containers for selective waste collection so that you can recycle and deal with your waste responsibly.

Friends and relatives may visit you provided that minimal nuisance is caused to other residents. You will be held responsible for the behaviour of your visitors.

Regular visits are discouraged, and visitors are not permitted to stay the night.

No. There are no restrictions on when you may enter and leave your accommodation. All students are given a key or a swipe card for their apartment/room and for communal facilities.

Noise levels must be kept to a minimum after 11.00 p.m.

UNIHABIT will charge each month’s rent directly to your bank account. Payment is taken between the 1st and the 5th of every month.

International students can pay by credit card or by opening a bank account in Spain.

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