From the end of January until July, but particularly throughout March to July; all of the universities of Barcelona, as well as Girona and Sant Cugat del Vallès will hold open days 2021. For obvious reasons, due to the pandemic and coronavirus, the universities will have to hold the open days online or with previously booked appointments, hygiene measures and certain restrictions to prevent infection. This is why we recommend checking the dates and times of each one depending on which you are most interested in.

Open day 2021

There isn’t long left until open day 2021,  this year marked by virtual events

Open day 2021 is the perfect chance for all Baccalaureate (A level) students who still aren’t sure where they want to study, and want to discover the surroundings and university facilities a little more. 

In the list of UB open days there are 17 faculties and 9 centres affiliated to the University of Barcelona, covering practically all of the areas and degrees possible.  However, if you would prefer to study more technical courses, you can do so at the UPC with campuses spread between Sant Cugat and Barcelona or go further north, close to Andorra and France, to the University of Girona. These, not to mention other affiliated universities and centres in Catalonia. 

At Unihabit, we believe that open days are the perfect way of starting to find answers to all of those questions that are going round in your head at the moment: What degree do I like most? How much are the tuition fees for the first year? What do I have to do to enrol?…

It’s clear that you will soon be making one of those decisions that will impact the rest of your life and going to these open days can be a great help.

 Open day 2021: Why study at the Catalonian universities?

The Catalonian university system began in the 13th century, easy to say but it is of great significance. We are talking about nearly nine centuries of evolution of formal studies in higher education in what is now the autonomous community of Catalonia. For this reason, based on commitment, internationalisation, experience of constantly improving practical study programmes and experienced professionals; the degrees and masters courses of Catalonia are one of the most reputable options for studying in Europe. 

We would like to show you some of the reasons to study ( and other relevant information for considering Catalonian universities as a good option for your formal higher education.

  • A high percentage of satisfaction with the studies, since 7 out of every 10 students are satisfied with their education.
  • 84% of graduates have employment that matches their level of studies.
  • 2 business schools in the Top 10 European ranking.
  • A wide range of degrees and masters in all areas of knowledge, in addition to a high level of specification in the studies that facilitates international student exchanges.
  • Technological excellence and innovation with practical training in the field of work as well as related to research. 

What will the 2021 open days for the universities of Barcelona consist of and when will they be?

Each year, the UB open days have shown their facilities to all of the visitors, attended by teaching staff and students from UB to answer all of your questions. They also had a day for families, where you could go with your parents or guardians who would help you to make a decision, in the same way as other universities. However, this year, open days come with a lot of uncertainty and caution. This is why many institutions have chosen to hold open days for the universities of Barcelona 2021 online or with in-person presentations with advance registration to control the capacity.  Here we tell you about some of them:

  • University of Barcelona: The UB open days will be held via virtual sessions for each degree and a chat with the teaching staff who will tell you about each one. You should sign up depending on the course you are interested in, the dates are still to be confirmed.

  • ESCI – Pompeu Fabra University (UPF): Health conditions permitting, the UPF university will offer in-person open days for degrees from March.  More information here. For its part, the ESCI-UPF starts it open days at the end of January. More information here.

  • Ramon Llull University:Formed by 10 prestigious higher education and research institutions and a writing centre;  it begins its open day 2021 at the end of January and with different days and times according to the studies and faculty. View more information here.

  • Autonomous University of Barcelona: With 21 faculties in nearly all areas of knowledge, the Autonomous University of Barcelona organises the Barcelona universities open day 2021 for its faculties with prior registration. View more information here.

University Open day 2021
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia: The open day 2021 is likely to be held by prior appointment and with virtual sessions once the 2020-2021 academic year has finished. View more information here.

  • Abat Oliba CEU University: They will have a combination of virtual and in-person open days, Saturdays in January, March and May; as well as in-person open days from the end of February. View more information here.

  • University of Girona: The university orientation week for degrees from the UdG will be online, with the dates still to be confirmed. More information here.

  • IED – Instituto Europeo di Design: With centres in Spain, Italy and Brazil, it has a personalised access programme for its institution. More information here.

  • ELISAVA – University school of Barcelona: The school joins the virtual Barcelona universities open days 2021 starting from the end of February until May. More information here .

It is a good time to come to our halls in Ciutat Vella

Another of the big questions you should find the answer to is regarding accommodation. Barcelona is a city where flat rentals increase every year, and finding a comfortable room is not always a simple task. 

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