Whether you are starting university or you are already studying a university degree, in this blog we explain all the grants for university students, how and when to apply for them.

As a university student in Catalonia you can apply for general grants, both from the Spanish government and the Generalitat de Catalunya, or you can apply for a specific grant from the university where you are studying, as long as you meet the requirements established in each call for applications.

How many types of scholarships for university students are there?

There are two types of scholarships for university students: those of a general nature granted by government administrations and those particular to each university.

  • MEC Grants: These are grants awarded by the Spanish Government through the Ministry of Education.
  • Regional scholarships: The regional scholarships establish the call for applications according to each Autonomous Community. These scholarships are complementary to the one granted by the Spanish Government. In the case of Catalonia, it is the Equity Grant.
  • Grants from private entities such as banks or university institutions.

Summary table of grants for university students in Catalonia

Grants for university students 2024 in Catalonia
General scholarships-General grant from the Ministry of Education

-Departmental collaboration grants offered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Regional grants-Equity Scholarship
Scholarships from private entities-Grants Pompeu Fabra University

-Scholarships at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

-Grants University of Barcelona

-Scholarships Autonomous University of Barcelona

Which scholarships can I apply for as a university student?

If you are studying an official university degree at a university in Catalonia and also at the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) you can apply for the following grants for university students:

becas estudiantes universitarios 2024

General and regional grants

General grant from the Ministry

The general scholarship is awarded annually by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, managed by the Agència de Gestió d’Ajudes Universitàries i de Recerca de Catalunya and is aimed at university students studying official bachelor’s degrees.

  • Application period: from March to May, both included.
  • Incompatibilities: the general grant is incompatible with other grants awarded by any other public body.
  • Amount: to be calculated.

Departmental collaboration grants offered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

This collaboration grant is aimed at students in their final year of a bachelor’s degree or first year of a master’s degree, in order to promote the initiation in research tasks of university students who are about to complete their studies.

  • Application deadline: from June to September, both included.
  • Incompatibilities: those established in the call for applications.
  • Amount: the total and unique endowment of this grant is €200 for all beneficiaries.

Equity Scholarship

The equity grant consists of the application of a percentage reduction (up to 80%) in the tuition fees, depending on the income bracket assigned to you and the studies you are studying. This grant is aimed at university students studying an official bachelor’s or master’s degree at one of the public universities in Catalonia, at the UOC or at one of the 3 affiliated centres taking part.

  • Application deadline: from September to October, both included.
  • Incompatibilities: if you are awarded the General grant, the Equity grant will be cancelled.
  • Amount: the corresponding reduction will be applied.
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University grants

Pompeu Fabra University

UPF community study grants: These grants are aimed at students from UPF centres who are enrolled in official university courses and are facing significant financial difficulties.

UPF salary grant programme for new UPF undergraduate students. This grant is aimed at students who are able to access university for the first time with limited financial resources.

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

UPC Commitment Grants: This grant is aimed at new students entering the university who are enrolled full-time in any of the UPC’s bachelor’s degrees.

University of Barcelona

Study grants for students with special financial difficulties or personal circumstances.

Connecta UB grant to guarantee Internet connectivity and the temporary use of laptops for students at the University of Barcelona.

Aid for digital talent, an individual training grant for students with disabilities.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Ítaca-Banco Santander salary grant for students who have completed their baccalaureate at a centre that has participated in any edition of the UAB Ítaca Campus.

Santander Financial Aid Grant to promote gender equality in UAB degrees. This grant is aimed at students who are studying at a UAB centre and are of the sex less represented in the degree.

UABRefugi grants for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students enrolled at a UAB centre and linked to the FAS reception programme who can prove they are in need of international protection.

UAB study grants programme: free tuition fees for winners of the scientific, classical, economics (local face), computer science and telecommunications Olympiads of Catalonia. This grant is aimed at students who have come first in the Scientific Olympiads aimed at students in the 2nd year of the baccalaureate and enrolled at the UAB in the aforementioned studies.

Grants for victims of gender-based violence who are taking official courses at a UAB centre, can prove they are victims and are nationals of a member state of the European Union.

Study grants for emergency situations: Finestreta Programme. These grants are aimed at students who are studying official studies at a UAB centre, accredit an emergency situation, are a member of a European Union state, do not hold or meet the legal requirements to obtain an official degree at the same academic level and have previously applied for this grant.

Grants for stays and fieldwork. To obtain this grant it is necessary that the student is enrolled in an official degree at a UAB centre and has been assigned the compulsory subject that includes the field trip or field work.

becas estudiantes universitarios

When can I apply for the 2024/2025 scholarships?

Each scholarship will depend on the established call for applications. The application deadlines for general scholarships are as follows:

  • General scholarship (MEC): from March to May 2024.
  • Collaboration scholarship: June to September 2024
  • Equity Scholarship: September to October 2024

How much scholarship money can I receive at university?

The amount of the grant is subject to different aspects such as family income, average mark and the members of the family unit. Regarding the general scholarship, it is divided in two, the fixed amount and the variable amount, each one with an amount. The amount of each amount will vary for each student depending on the aspects mentioned above, established in different thresholds.

The fixed amount established by the Ministry of Education is divided into 3:

  • For income: from €1,700
  • For residence: from €2,500
  • For excellence in academic performance: between €50 and €125.

The variable amount can go from €60 (minimum amount), depending on the family income, the average mark of the studies, and the total budget that the Ministry allocates to scholarships for university students.

Can I claim the grant if I have been refused?

Once the scholarship application period has ended, an initial decision is made informing the student whether the scholarship has been approved or denied. In the case of rejection, a period is opened to make an allegation.