TICCámaras grants a subsidy to Unihabit to incorporate new technologies in university residences

The 3 subsidized projects have allowed to improve the technological and digital service of the students of the residences of Barcelona, Girona and Sant Cugat.

The TICCámaras, programme, promoted by FEDER, Cambra de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya and Cámara de España, has awarded a subsidy to Unihabit’s university residences for three digital innovation and technological improvement projects. In this way, the grants have made it possible to implement a plan to incorporate new technologies into the residences and an improvement in the digital service for their users.

The three projects subsidized by the program TICCámaras to make technological advances to Unihabit are:

  1. Incorporation of virtual centrality

In the Unihabit residences, a virtual switchboard solution over VoIP (voice over IP) has been implemented to cover the communication needs (fixed and mobile) of the locations, as well as the connectivity and accessibility to students and Erasmus of the residences.

  1. Email marketing solutions

Unihabit has implemented a tool for managing and sending electronic newsletters with the aim of improving communication and relations with all users of university residences through a direct channel.

  1. Dynamisation of social networks

Implementation of an online marketing plan on Unihabit social networks with the creation of a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. This digital action allows users and future residents to be informed about activities or events organized for the residences, as well as their families.

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