What to do in the Girona university residences? The Sant Narcís fair is almost here!

If you live in one of the Girona university residences you have thousands of things to do. Mountain excursions, beach escapes, strolling through the Jewish quarter of the city, sporting activities. Etc.

Either way, this week one of the most important events in the city will begin with the Sant Narcís Fair. It is a celebration most noted for its celebration of culture and for the ample array of activities that will take place through out the next 10 days in Girona.

The fait kicks off on October 26th and finishes on November 4th.

From the university residence Unihabit Girona we want to tell you all you need to know about the Sant Narcís fair and everything you cannot miss:

Tradition and culture

Sant Narcís of Girona, Saint Narcissus in English, is a celebrated saint by the Catholic church, and is the patron saint of Girona. Tradition has it that he was the city’s Bishop. His saint is celebrated on October 29th.

Around the time of the fair, there will be quite a few traditional and popular acts for all ages:

Residencias universitarias de Girona

Source: Ayuntamiento de Girona

Find out about all the traditional and popular acts on the official webpage of the Girona fair.

Music and partying

If you are housed in one of Girona’s university residences and you are looking for a great night out, the Sant Narcís fair is your solution. Throughout the week there will be a multitude of shows and musical events in the city. Here are a few of the main ones, although the list goes on and on:

Roba Estesa

Roba estesa. Source: Ayuntamiento de Girona

Expositions and theatre

Throught the Sant Narcis fair a whole range of cultural activities Will take place. There will be expositions in everything from photography to philately, as well as talks about històric aspects of Girona. Dynamic experiences performed by local and International artists.

Regarding theatrical shows there will be an enormously eclèctic variety on offer. If you are interested in social criticisme, we recommend you don’t miss Los bancos regalan sandwicheras y chorizos. Although, if you are feeling something more lighthearted we recommend El secret de la Lloll.

Teatre Fires Sant NarcisSource: Girona City Hall

Make the most of your time at your university residence in Girona and experience the Sant Narcís fair!

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