The Unihabit Ciutat Vella university residence in Barcelona Will give you the opportunity to discover the city centre without having to traverse large distances.

When you move to a new city like Barcelona, the thousand and one activities on offer can leave you wondering if you’ll have time to do them all.

Of course, Google Maps will probably become your best friend, once you start navigating the centres’ winding streets and alleyways and so getting lost is not an option.

One classmate might remind you that you had agreed to go to a jam session that coming Thursday, while a friend from the residence might insist you go get some ‘patates bravas’ at the bar around the corner.

From Unihabit Ciutat Vella university residence in Barcelona we want to propose a cultural route to follow in order to get to know the surrounding area without having to use a map.

A morning in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona

Just a quarter of an hour’s walk away from the Unihabit Ciutat Vella residence is the Maritime Museum, close to the port of Barcelona. From here you can see the statue of Christopher Colombus and, in the distance, the horizon of the sea and passing ships coming in to land.

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Furthermore than visiting the museum, which has something everyone will find interesting, such as the fleet of reconstructed historical boats, discovering hidden corners of Barcelona’s past or its unique expositions, you can also participate in a series of organized activities. Learn about the history of the port of Barcelona, go on a guided tour from the sea, have a shellfish dinner… these are just a few of the things on offer.

Have lunch in the heart of the Old Quarter¡

After a good walk, there’s nothing like a bite to eat to recharge your bateries and get the energy for a long afternoon. The long list of gastronomic offerings around Barcelona is no secret, but from Unihabit Ciutat Vella university residences we want to suggest a few hidden gems:

  • Taller de tapas: Delicious tapas and other dishes to share with friends.
  • L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic: Salads, bruschettas… fresh and simple ingredients served in a charming space.
  • Vegetalia: If you are looking for vegetarian or specialized food for celeriacs, then this is one of the best options!
  • Macchina Pasta Bar: Freshly made pasta, authentic sauces and finger-licking goodness!
  • Restaurant Informal: Good quality local produce in the centre of Barcelona.

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After lunch coffee in the Born neighbourhood        

It’s time for that post-lunch siesta and you feel your eyes drooping. It is probably time to head back to the residence and have a little rest, but, if you lie down in bed who knows when you will get up again.

We propose a few cafés around the Born neighbourhood, where you can enjoy a delicious aromatic coffee and maybe a slice of cake with your friends.

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A cultural afternoon in the Raval, Ciutat Vella

With your bateries recharged you can continue the cultural visit. The Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona (MACBA), is one of the fundamental places to visit in the Raval neighbourhood.

Expostions, activities, guided visits… Wonder at the hidden culture inside the museum that is just waiting to be discovered!

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Ciutadella Park and the Port of Barcelona, a stroll before returning to the residence

The sun is beginning to set and, after a quite intense day, it is nearly time to head back to Unihabit Ciutat Vella university residence. Although before, do not miss out on a stroll around the port of Barcelona, passing through Ciutadella Park.

Get yourself an icecream, a milkshake or a slushpuppy and have a peaceful stroll by the sea, take a seat and observe the fading light.

Then, walk back through Ciutadella Park before heading back to the residence. Your bed Will be waiting for you!

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Make the most of your time under Unihabit Ciutat Vella’s roof and discover all that the centre of Barcelona has to offer!

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