One of our residents is Paula García Hernández (13.10.1997), a medical student at the Clínic who currently lives in our residences in Ciutat Vella (Barcelona).

1. What are you studying?  Paula García Hernández 1 - Unihabit

Medicine at the Clinic

2. How long have you been staying at Unihabit?

This is the third year

3. Why did you choose Unihabit?

For the space of the rooms and the facilities, the independence that supposes to have a kitchen for the same one and for the local·lització the center of Barcelona.

4. We are curious and we know that what happens in Unihabit accommodation remains Unihabit but … you tell us an unforgettable anecdote that has happened to you and that can be part of the #unihabitxperiences?

Having met some students from Greece, with whom I discovered Barcelona and created a friendship that even took me to visit them in their country.