The school year is moving fast and you’re finally visualizing the moment you’ve been looking forward to for so long, summer vacation! But, this year, it’s the last summer before you become a university student. To do this, you must first make a final push and pass the entrance exam. You’re almost there! On the other hand, you must not forget to do the university pre-enrollment 2024 so as not to be left without a place in your future university.

What is university pre-enrollment?

University pre-enrollment is the process that students must follow to gain access to university studies. The purpose of pre-enrollment is to assign a place to the student in the chosen studies and the corresponding university center. In order to be able to access the university and the chosen studies, you must meet the university entrance requirements, such as having passed the cut-off mark in the selectivity tests, which will vary in each degree and university.

To make the university pre-enrollment in 2024, you must take into account the period of each university. Generally, it ranges between the months of June and July. From Unihabit, we recommend that you inform yourself as far in advance as possible about the admission process for when the time comes for pre-enrollment. Depending on the university chosen, the pre-enrollment can be done online at the university access portal.

How to pre-register for university enrollment 2024?

For university pre-enrollment 2024 you will need to have passed the course subjects and take the selectividad exams. In order to pass the selectividad, you must obtain the highest score with respect to the cut-off mark of the studies requested and the corresponding university.

To access public universities, the document submitted must indicate which studies you want to pursue. To do so, you must access the university access portal and fill in the required form. In case you have doubts about the degree you want to choose or the university, you will have to do it in order of preference from highest to lowest and likewise the university center you want to access. If, on the other hand, you want to access a private university, you will have to contact the center and get to know its admission process and the additional requirements such as an interview, test, curriculum vitae, etc.

What steps should I follow to pre-register for university 2024?

  • University pre-enrollment must be done online through the university access portal, taking into account the deadlines that have been established for each call.
  • Once you are in the portal, you must enter your DNI with handwriting, NIE, or passport and then register as a user of the portal.
  • Then fill in all the sections of the pre-enrollment form and save it in PDF format or print, if you want, the receipt.
  • In case you are a student coming from another autonomous community or from a foreign education system that allows the homologation of your studies, you must submit the related documentation and certify it in order to access the university.

When are the admission lists for the University of Catalonia published?

To see the results of the list of admitted students, you should bear in mind that there are two phases: the ordinary phase in June and the extraordinary phase in September. But, first of all, you must pre-enrol for the 2024/2025 academic year between 4 and 28 June (both included). Once you have pre-enrolled, you must take into account the allocation of places according to your preferences. In each call for applications it should be taken into account that there are several allocations of places in order of preference and that each allocation and each enrolment will depend on a different date. For the 2024/2025 academic year, the dates for place allocations are as follows:

Call for applications in June:

  • Publication of 1st allocation of places: 10 July
  • Final allocation: 11 – 15 July
  • Publication of the 2nd allocation of places: 22 July
  • Publication of the 3rd allocation of places: 4 September
  • Publication of the 4th allocation of vacancies: 12 September
  • Publication 5th seat allocation: 18 September
  • Publication 6th seat allocation: 25 September
  • Publication 7th seat allotment: 1 October
  • Publication 8th seat allocation: 8th October
  • Publication 9th seat allocation: 15th October
  • Publication 10th seat allotment: 22 October

September call for applications:

  • Publication of the 1st allocation of places: 26 September
  • Publication 2nd allocation of places: 2 October
  • Publication of the 3rd allocation of places: 9th October
  • Publication of the 4th allocation of places: 16 October
  • Publication of the 5th allocation of places: 23 October

How does the assignment of university places work?

To gain admission to a university center it is necessary to have passed the admission grade assigned in each center and in each degree. The admission applications are ordered according to the cut-off grades of the students and the number of places in each degree. That is to say, the students with the highest grade will be the first to obtain a place until all the places are sold out.

You will be able to see the allocation of places, as this is made public in the Portal of access to the university. If you do not agree with the allocation received, you can make a complaint within 5 days after its publication, through the Portal of access to the university.

How do you know if you have been admitted to the university?

To find out your university admission results, you will have to access the university access portal within the period established for the results of the allocations mentioned above. Once you have been assigned a place, you will have to enrol on the day established for each assignment.

Enrolment for the June session:

  • Enrolment 1st allocation: 12 – 17 July
  • Enrolment 2nd assignment: 23 – 25 July
  • Enrolment 3rd assignment: 5 – 6 September
  • Enrolment 4th assignment: 13 September
  • Enrolment 5th assignment: 19 September
  • Enrolment 6th assignment: 26 September
  • Enrolment 7th assignment: 2 October
  • Registration 8th assignment: 9 October
  • Registration 9th assignment: 16 October
  • Registration 10th assignment: 23 October

Enrolment for the September session:

  • Enrolment 1st assignment: 27 September
  • Enrolment 2nd assignment: 3rd October
  • Enrolment 3rd assignment: 10 October
  • Enrolment 4th assignment: 17 October
  • Enrolment 5th assignment: 24 October

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