estudiar en la universidad y trabajar. 5 claves

If you have considered working while you start your university studies. From Unihabit we give you 5 keys so that combining it is not a headache and so you can continue with your daily life with total normality.


The organization is a very important factor to consider when studying at the university and working. Combining studies and work requires a good organization in both areas. Be clear about your schedules in each thing and plan in advance work assignments, exams and practices.

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Setting goals

Setting goals when studying at the university and working is also a crucial point. Be clear how far we want to go and what we want to achieve. The combination of the two things is difficult and can be exhausting. That is why we should not lose sight of our academic and work goals and objectives.

Free time

In between work, both work and university student, it is good to find moments to share with the people around us either going to the gym, to the cinema or sharing time with your friends and friends. Leaving the daily work-study routine and having leisure time will help us continue with our day to day.

This point can be related to the previous commented of the organization. Having time for studies, work and social life, it is important to know how to combine it and for that you have to organize.


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Work schedules

Work schedules will determine much of your day to day. Find a part-time or part-time job that is easy to match with your studies and with your day to day. Establish a routine with these schedules and try to keep them during your student season. During exams and deliveries, try to combine schedules with your coworkers to have enough time to devote to your studies.

Study Schedules

As with work schedules, it is important to maintain study schedules. Spend an hour a day, before bed or dinner, at the end of the day, to review the notes or work you have in your studies. In this way you will form a daily and stipulated routine that will help you to continue with your day to day, and not to lose the rhythm in your studies.

estudiar en la universidad y trabajar. 5 claves universidad

estudiar en la universidad y trabajar. 5 claves estudiante