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If you are thinking of starting a master’s degree, you are still in time to enroll to start the course next month, in September. We have the keys and information you need.

Enrollment for Master

The masters are the official studies that can be done, or not, after having studied a university degree. They are higher studies that consist of compulsory and optional subjects and a final master’s project.

Depending on the master you choose, enrollments can be made before the end of the previous academic year (May – June) or in September, just before starting the new course.

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Master’s studies also occupy different fields and sectors, from the scientific to the letters and classical and humanistic studies. Before enrolling you must know the bases and documentation necessary to complete the procedure.

In the universities of Barcelona and its surroundings, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, among others, have a wide range of offers for master’s degrees. To know when you should complete the registration of your master’s degree studies, check with the university where your master’s degree is conducted and ask when and how to complete the registration, since during the month of September many enrollments are available for these studies.

Student accommodation master Barcelona

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In Barcelona there are many residences for university students. From Unihabit we propose two accommodation options for master students in Barcelona:

The two sites are located in privileged areas of the city where you can enjoy the services offered by the city. The city’s public transport, both metro and buses and trains connect you with all other parts of the city.

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