If you are a university student in Catalonia or you are pursuing higher education studies such as masters, postgraduate or doctorate, in this blog we explain all the dates you have to know and take into account during the academic year 2023/2024.

The 2023/2024 university year began last September. In reference to higher studies such as masters, postgraduates or doctorates, they start during this month of October. The first semester is from September (beginning of the academic year) until January (Christmas and New Year vacations) and the second semester from February (after Christmas) until June/July (summer vacations). During the academic year we will find different holidays, like the festivities in barcelona,  independent of the annual vacation such as Christmas, Easter and summer vacation.

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University holidays and long weekends in 2024

The beginning of the academic year and the return to routine are fundamental elements to organize our agenda and our calendar, for this reason in Unihabit we make you a summary of the most important holidays during the course.

Regarding holidays and long weekends there are several dates that as a student you will have to take into account for this academic year 2023/2024, regardless of your university.

  • September 11: the first holiday of the academic year, the “Diada de Cataluña.”
  • September 25: local holiday in the city of Barcelona, the “Festes de la Mercè.”
  • October 12: national holiday, “Día de la Hispanidad.”
  • October 13: non-teaching day.
  • 1 November: All Saints Day.
  • December 6, 7 and 8: the 6th is the Spanish Constitution Day, the 7th is a long weekend and the 8th is “La Inmaculada.”
  • December 25 and 26: Christmas and San Esteve (in Catalonia).
  • January 1st: New Year’s Day
  • January 6: Three Wise Men.
  • April 23: St. George’s Day (book day), it is a school day.
  • 1 May: Labor Day
  • 20 May: second Easter in the city of Barcelona, “Pascua Granada”.
  • June 24: “Fiesta de San Juan”

As for other holidays, such as local or university holidays, they depend on each center, and it is the center that will inform the students of the corresponding dates.

Holidays, non-teaching days and vacations academic year 2023/2024
First semester
Monday 11 festive

Thursday 12 festive

Friday 13 non-teaching

Wednesday 1 festiveWednesday 6 festive

Thursday 7 non-teaching

Friday 8 festive

Thursday 21 start Christmas holidays

Monday 8 start second semester 
Second semester
Monday 25 start Easter holidays Tuesday 2 back to Easter vacations 

Tuesday 23 George’s day (book day) 

Wednesday 1 festiveMonday 24 festive

When do the Christmas and Easter vacations start?

During the academic year, there is the Christmas vacation, which divides the first from the second semester. Easter, which takes place in the middle of the second semester. And once the academic year is over, the summer vacations lead to the beginning of the next academic year. In the case of Pompeu Fabra University, which divides the academic year into trimesters, the Easter vacations divide the second from the third trimester.

In this academic year 2023/2024 the Christmas vacations begin on December 21 until January 7, ending the first semester of the course. From Monday, January 8, the second semester of the academic year officially begins. In the middle of the second semester (or end of term in the case of Pompeu Fabra University) we find the Easter vacations that begin on March 25 and end on April 1. At the end of the course, then, we find the summer vacations, a period in which an academic year ends and we start preparing for the next one.

Period of exams, evaluations and recoveries

The dates of exams, evaluations and recoveries depend on each university, since there are no pre-established dates. Generally, first semester exams take place either before the Christmas vacations or after, in which case the second semester will begin once the evaluations are finished. The evaluations and recoveries are usually in mid and late January. Regarding the evaluation of the second semester, the exams are usually at the end of May while the evaluation is at the beginning/middle of June, thus ending the course.

In the case of Pompeu Fabra University, the course is divided into trimesters, so there are 3 evaluations during the course: December, March and June.

If you are in your last academic year of the University Degree and you have to present the TFG (Final Degree Project), the date established by the presentations is at the end of the second semester (June/July) before the final evaluations. Also, as for university graduations, they take place during the months of June and July, once the academic year has ended and the students have passed all the credits and the TFG.

Anyway, you do not have to worry because it will be your professors who will mark and tell you which days are the exams of each semester, the evaluations and the recovery exams if necessary.

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Do you want to continue studying next academic year?

During the month of March, the Saló de l’Ensenyament takes place in Barcelona, an event focused on all students who have doubts or want to find out about their future regarding their studies. The 2024 edition will be held the week of March 13-17. At the Saló de l’Ensenyament you will find different stands belonging to schools, universities, etc. where you will be able to find out about the higher studies currently available in your field of study and also what studies you can choose to specialize in what you want. The Saló de l’Ensenyament will also help you to make a lot of interesting contacts in your sector. This event is a unique opportunity for any student who is finishing their studies and wants to continue expanding their knowledge or wants to specialize in an area.

When are the open doors of the universities?

Another date to keep in mind if you are doing a university academic year and want to enter another school or university to do your master’s or postgraduate degree, is the open house. Generally, open days are held between the months of March, April and May. During these months you can schedule a day for a personalized and guided visit to the center, where a member of the staff will inform you about the course you want to take or information about the university or center in question.

Residencia UManresa

Academic calendars 2023/2024 of the different universities

In the following links you will find the necessary information of the calendar for the academic year 2023/2024 of each university. As a student you have to take into account that each center and each university celebrates its local holidays in the city where it is located, and also if the university itself celebrates a holiday or other long weekend different from the general calendar of the academic year. On the other hand, you will also find in the calendars the dates of exams, evaluations, non-teaching days, etc.

After seeing the academic calendar for the academic year 2023/2024 from Unihabit we want to give you two tips for the first days of the course. The first tip we want to give you is that the first day you go with time to avoid getting lost and know how to find the classroom you have to attend. Organize your agenda well, both with the established calendar, as well as the days of exams and final deliveries of assignments, this will help you to manage the course much better.

The course has started and from Unihabit we want to wish you a very good academic year 2023/2024!