Now that it is vitally important to stay home because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing in our country, it is normal to wonder what you can do with so much free time. Unihabit offers you a list of things to do at home with friends, thanks to the Internet and new technologies.

What can you do at home during your confinement?

You think you can’t play sports at home? How are your languages… Now is the time to take up again activities that you left half way through due to lack of time, or you may discover others that you find tremendously interesting. It’s all about knowing how to carry out your confinement at home in the best possible way!

It’s a good time to study and reinforce another language

Cosas que hacer en casa durante el confinamiento

Why not take advantage of the time by learning some language? There are apps like Duolingo perfect for learning languages in an interactive way. On the other hand, you will find all kinds of free online courses. You can also watch movies in the original version or in the language you are studying and see how you improve without realizing it.

On the other hand, if you want to chat with people to improve your fluency, you have forums like Dave’s ESL Café, which is a perfect place to do so, designed for students and teachers from all over the world to engage in conversation in different languages.

Sport can also be played at home

Hacer deporte en casa durante el confinamiento

On Youtube you can find thousands of exercise sessions from home, from a wide variety of disciplines: Yoga classes, cardio classes, zumba classes… The important thing is to keep your body in shape and your mind clear. Think about which sport you want to practise and get a head start with the tutorials!

Take virtual tours of the best museums around the world without leaving home

The museums are closed, but why not visit them virtually? It is clear that this is a very interesting option for all those who love the world of art. Most of the important museums in the world offer these tours on their websites, so don’t waste your time now!

Arte en casa durante el confinamiento

Catch up on your favorite shows or enjoy a good movie

If you still don’t know what to do at home, from Unihabit’s university residences we have thought that it is a good idea to show you a very complete list of series and movies to watch during these days of confinement, available on the main Internet platforms. I’m sure you’ve subscribed to one of them, so take note:

  • Netflix: we share with you a very interesting article from the Business Insider website, entitled “The 112 original Netflix films, rated best to worst”.
  • HBO: Here is a post from the popular web portal Fotogramas, with the ranking of the best HBO series for this 2020
  • Amazon Prime Video: this time, here is a post from Digital Trends, where a list of the 50 best Amazon Prime series is made.
  • Youtube: Did you know that on this platform you can watch a long list of movies completely free? Take a look at this post and you’ll find out!

Peliculas y series durante el confinamiento

Reminisce about a series or have fun with a movie saga!

As you can see, it’s just a matter of setting yourself small goals every day, following the instructions given by the experts, looking for things to do that will entertain you and, in less than you might expect, it will all be over!