Once you have finished the baccalaureate and the PAU, you are ready to make the leap to university life. A unique and transforming experience that you will remember for years to come, and to do so it is essential to find a good student residence.

In this blog, we will explain some practical tips to make the most of this stage of living in a university residence, whether for new students, experienced students or students living in university residences.

Advice for first-year university students:

University is much harder and more demanding than high school, so taking advice from upperclassmen can help you in this new adventure.

Open your mind

It is essential that you allow yourself to know and learn from those around you. Everyone has a unique life experience that you can learn from by sharing it with others. It is essential that you also open yourself to others and imbue them with your essence and knowledge.

Get to know the facilities of your university

As a prospective student, you are not yet familiar with the facilities at your university. Attend the open days of your university centre, this will help you to find your way around when the course starts. Locate the classrooms and spaces you will be using, such as the laboratory, library and study rooms.

Follow the university channels

To be part of the university community, being informed about everything is the key. Pay attention to their news, it’s the best way to find out about all the extracurricular activities that are organised, as well as lunches, dinners or parties to enjoy with your fellow residents!

consejos estudiantes universitarios

Always have your class timetable at hand

Punctuality is very important at university. Always have your class timetable at hand, so that you don’t miss any study lessons. This will not only ensure that you arrive on time, but will also help you better locate the classrooms where each class is held and the name of the lecturer teaching the subject.

Choose your place in the classroom

University lecture halls are usually huge, so the choice of location can be crucial. Sitting close to the lecturer will make it easier for you to ask questions. Choose the best place and don’t miss a single detail.

Notes are the key to success

Most of the time professors do not post teaching material. Take notes and notes during university classes and lectures. Your notes will be your best study resource for exams.

In a group it is always better

Get the most out of your stay at university by joining other students with similar interests to your own. Studying in a group will brighten up your long study evenings. The key to the whole university period is sharing. Share work, share experiences and, at the end of the day, share life and experiences that will become some of the best memories of your life.

Get involved in university activities

All universities offer a large number of very interesting activities that can help you in many areas. Don’t hesitate for a second and do as many as possible, as you will benefit from direct growth and you will be able to meet many people who will undoubtedly contribute a lot to you.

consejos estudiantes universitarios

Get organised

Organisation is a key factor you need to take into account in order to succeed in university life. Having a calendar to manage your daily tasks will help you keep on top of all your assignments and exams. You can also write down your personal responsibilities, such as how many hours a week you spend playing sport or how much time you spend preparing meals to take to university.

Good planning will allow you to enjoy your free time in a more relaxed way. You should also be able to follow routines that include breaks so that you can make the most of every moment and give the best of yourself.

Make an effort

Set yourself challenges and strive to achieve them. Just like in the dictionary, the word effort always precedes success, because there is no other way to achieve what you want if you don’t put in a lot of hours and hard work.

Know yourself

Moments of pause are indispensable for getting to know yourself. Analysing and reviewing yourself is a very necessary process that will help you to understand yourself and to know how you are and how you act in each situation.

Be patient

Throughout your university career there will be various complicated moments in which you will have to keep a cool head so that the situation does not overcome you. It is also advisable to take part in activities that help you to disconnect in order to avoid a breakdown.

Combine hobbies with your studies

It is just as important to be highly productive and work hard professionally as it is to find hobbies that fulfil you and make you feel fulfilled. These are the ones that will allow you to disconnect and get your strength back in the most difficult academic moments.


It is very important that you find time for everything and leisure is indispensable. It is essential that you enjoy the university, the city and the people who live there. The university period is unique and you should make the most of it.

consejos estudiantes universitarios

Tips for university students on how to live in a university hall of residence

Unihabit has different university residences that offer living in the city centre and close to connections with all types of transport.

Spaces designed to provide comfort, tranquillity and a good atmosphere for all types of university students.

Financial management for university life

In university life, we know it’s not all about studying, but remember: Learning to manage your money early on is very important. Avoid spending all your money on your first Thursday at university with your dorm mates. Set a realistic budget that includes fixed costs such as food and transport.

You can look for student discounts, and some banks even offer good opportunities to set up savings accounts.

Get the most out of the resources of your university residence hall

Investigate the possibilities of your university residence hall. The Manresa university residence hall offers parking for cars and motorbikes, which will allow you not to have to suffer for your vehicle all week. Other student residences, such as the residence hall of Barcelona – Ciutat Vella, offer a weekly room cleaning service, which will allow you to invest more time in your studies.

Each university residence hall has different resources, but most of them have a communal dining room, study rooms, gym, living rooms… All spaces are designed to enhance your university experience and to help you connect with your roommates. As we’ve said before, building friendships will enhance your college life and personal growth.

Find the resources that work best for you and take advantage of them!

consejos estudiantes universitarios

Connect with other students in the residence hall

Living in a student residence not only means having a physical place to live, but it is also a perfect opportunity to meet and interact with students from different universities in the new city where you live. Being able to connect with other fellow students is an essential part of the experience, and the student residence is the ideal place to start building relationships. Connecting with other students in the hall of residence is more than coexistence, it is the advantage, to experience the university at its best.

Having a circle of friends who are going through the same life stage of living away from home will help you cope with all the obstacles.

Remember: “If you have a friend, you have a treasure”.

Here are some tips for a good coexistence in a university residence:

  • Draw up a list of cleaning rules for the room and bathroom with your roommate in your hall of residence.
  • Don’t bring guests into the room, it may make your roommate uncomfortable.
  • Don’t take your roommate’s clothes or other things without his or her permission, it might cause “bad feeling” between you.
  • Always respect your roommate’s privacy.
  • Socialise with other students living in your student residence.
  • Participate in community activities, join student groups… Sharing these activities will allow you to meet many people with whom you can build valuable relationships.

The best advice for university students: Your wellbeing is the most important thing

Most student residences and universities offer protection and provide tools to young people with the aim of building a positive self-image through social skills and personal development competences to ensure the well-being of their students. If you are going through a bad emotional time, get help!

In order to perform well academically, it is crucial to be in good physical and mental health. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get at least 8 hours of rest a day.

After learning these tips for university students, you are almost ready to face the challenge and make the most of your time at university. Take every opportunity to learn, grow and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember, your time as a student is not only an important part of your education, but also an opportunity for self-knowledge and personal growth. Enjoy every moment!