Unihabit interview: from India to Barcelona for a dream: Fly

We know that you will miss it, that curiosity could, so, here you have it! The Unihabit Interview of the month, a point of view of high flights that we hope you will love and that helps you know a little more about a member of this great Unihabit family.

Name: Anushka Anuj SaxenaAnushka2 1 scaled

Age: 20 years

Born on: August 27, 1997

It is from: Jaipur, India.

Study: Commercial Pilot

University: Barcelona Flight School

Live at: Unihabit Sant Cugat


Anushka Anuj decided to change the continent to win a professional dream. He traveled from Jaipur to Barcelona in search of what he always wanted to do from the small: fly.

According to statistics and although many people may seem strange, for reasons of prejudice or ignorance, India is the country with more women pilots around the world. In Spain the female pilot rate does not reach 4%, all in all, in India it is above 10%.

So, as Anushka was growing he was increasingly convinced that he would be a pilot. “It had become a dream for me. From a very young age, I was playing to drive planes and these things. So when I spoke to my parents and told them I was determined to study aviation, I did not They got very upset and they accepted it pretty well. Moreover, they congratulated me on the decision and they supported me from the first moment. ”


Foto>> mochilerosentailandia.com

  • Has anyone in your family been or is a pilot and why did you feel influenced to study this profession?

Let me not know Nobody in my family is. My grandfather was in the air forces of my country but he was not a pilot, he carried out other duties. I think I am the first of all the family. All in all, it is true that in India there are many women who have studied this profession and do an extra-ordinary work. It came from me since I was little.

  • How do you decide to come to study Barcelona?

First, because my father has a good friend living here in Barcelona and he commented that there are excellent aviation schools. On the other hand, I had heard a lot about this city, its good weather, its beaches, the tourist and architectural sites that I also wished to know. So there were two important and powerful arguments to take the decision to come to study here.

Anushka1 scaled

  • Any of these two arguments have disappointed you?

The truth is that no. The school where I study has a very good reputation and the city is wonderful, I love it, it is more … when I finish I would like to find a pilot’s work here so that to get it first I should learn Spanish ( laughs).

  • Què trobes a faltar de casa teva? 

If. The food! … and of course my family.

  • What are you missing from your house?

Not that I do not like it … I know that I am a vegetarian and, despite the fact that here is a great variety, many times I find it hard to find some products that I am accustomed to. I always try to cook my food, I do not have to go out to eat. So, I cook what I find in the supermarket but sometimes I miss some things with those I cooked there.

  • Do you have a book that you would recommend reading the Unihabit family?

Yes, of course: Wings of Fire by Abdul Kalam, he was an aviation engineer from India and his book is truly insipid, mainly for young people.

  • Do you like any sport?

I like basketball very much.

  • Could you tell us what you like about residence?

I think it’s an ideal place to live during your university era. It’s perfect The rooms have a lot of space compared to other residences I have seen. Also, here are people of your age, you know many people and that is interesting.

For me, not only the residence is a very friendly place but also the environment where it is located. I love being here. In fact, when I have free time, I love staying in my room reading a book or browsing the internet as it is a place that gives you peace of mind. I highly recommend you!