Discover all the degrees and training cycles you can study in Manresa

The city is equipped with all the resources a student might need living away from home: libraries, language schools, sports clubs, restaurants, cinemas, castle halls, open-air sports areas…

In addition, the city’s schools and universities offer academic and training counselling services to access student discounts and scholarships for university students 2024.

What to study in Manresa?

Studying in Manresa is the perfect opportunity to live in a city with a wide range of student options, without having to stop enjoying and living close to nature.

Manresa offers a wide range of study options ranging from intermediate and higher education to a wide variety of degrees and master’s degrees offered at the Universitat Politècnica Manresa and the UManresa fub, which offer studies in the humanities, business, health sciences and engineering.

Universities in Manresa

Escola Politècnica Superior D’Enginyeria de Manresa EPSEM

The EPSEM is one of the universities in Manresa that is attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC, this university offers a wide range of degrees, masters and even doctorates and all the studies offered are engineering.

The university facilities include laboratories, study rooms and a library.

The Polytechnic University of Manresa is public!

EPSEM’s training offer:

  • Degree in Automotive Engineering
  • Degree in Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering
  • Degree in ICT Systems Engineering
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Degree in Mineral Resources and Recycling Engineering.
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Degree in Mining Engineering
  • MU in Natural Resources Engineering
  • MU Mining Engineering
  • MU Mining Engineering + MU Land Engineering (Double degree)
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The Umanresa University or also popularly known in the city as umanresa fub, is a centre attached to the Universitat de Vic Universitat Central de Catalunya. It is currently a public educational centre with mixed management, which means that the Generalitat de Catalunya subsidises part of the students’ tuition fees.
The campus facilities include a library, study room, coworking facilities, language school and a university clinic.

The Umanresa, unlike the Universitat Politecnica Manresa, offers a wide range of studies in the fields of health, education and business. These not only include official studies, but you can also access fub manresa specialisation courses and language courses.

Umanresa’s training offer:

  • Degree in Nursing
  • Degree in Physiotherapy
  • Degree in Podiatry
  • Degree in Speech Therapy
  • Degree in Medicine
  • Degree in Dentistry
  • Degree in Digital Society Management
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • MU in Health and Community
  • MU in Physiotherapy of the Musculoskeletal System
  • MU in Simulation Methodology applied to the Training of Professionals in Health and Social Sciences
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The umanresa fub, as well as offering degrees in manresa and university master’s degrees, also offers vocational training alternatives:

  • CFGS Dental Prosthesis
  • CFGS International Commerce
  • CFGS Administration and Finance
  • CFGS Early Childhood Education.

Training courses in Manresa

The academic offer of vocational training in Manresa is very varied. If you are not yet ready to go to university, or simply want to study something different from the list above, don’t worry, there are many institutes that offer vocational training courses in Manresa and the county. Here is a list so that you can see all the intermediate and higher vocational training courses and where to study them.

If you are passionate about sport, you will like this:

CFGS Teaching and socio-sporting animation

  • Institut Quercus ( Sant Joan de Vilatorrada)

CFGS Physical Conditioning

  • Instituto Quercus (Sant Joan de Vilatorrada)
  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

Are business topics your thing?

CFGS Administration and Finance

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa) 
  • Escola Montserrat (Sant Vicenç de C.) 
  • Campus Professional UManresa y Joviat FPintegrada (Impartición conjunta)
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CFGS Management assistance

  •  Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

CFGS Marketing and advertising

  • Escola Montserrat (Sant Vicenç de C.)

CFGS Sales and commercial space management

  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)
  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

Are animals your passion?

CFGS Animal husbandry and animal health assistance

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

Do you like electricity, electronics and mechanics?

CFGS Industrial automation and robotics

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)

CFGS Electronic maintenance

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)

CFGS Design in mechanical manufacturing

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)

CFGS Production scheduling in mechanical manufacturing

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)

CFGS Industrial mechatronics

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)

CFGS Automotive

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)
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Or are you more of a manual worker?

CFGS Design and furnishing

  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)

Do you want to study catering?

CFGS Kitchen Management

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

CFGS Management of catering services

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

Are you passionate about personal care and image?

CFGS Characterisation and professional make-up

  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)

For computer science lovers:

CFGS Administration of computer systems in the network

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)

CFGS Web application development

  • Instituto Lacetània (Manresa)
  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

CFGS Cross-platform application development

  • Instituto Castellet (Sant Vicenç de C.)

CFGS Multi-platform application development, profile: videogames and digital entertainment

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)
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Ideal courses for scientists:

CFGS Analysis and quality control laboratory

  • Instituto Castellet (Sant Vicenç de C.)

Those in the field of health:

CFGS Dietetics

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

CFGS Oral Hygiene

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

CFGS Diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)

CFGS Clinical and biomedical laboratory

  • Joviat FPintegrada (Manresa)
  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)

For the more social students:

CFGS Sociocultural and Tourism Animation

  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)

CFGS Early Childhood Education

  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)
  • Escola Montserrat (Sant Vicenç de C.)

CFGS Social Integration

  • Instituto Guillem Catà (Manresa)
  • FEDAC-Manresa y Escola Montserrat (Sant Vicenç de Castellet)
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Where to live in Manresa as a student?

Have you already chosen the studies that best suit you? Now you only need to do the easy part, choosing where to live in Manresa.

As a student, the best option is undoubtedly to live in a Manresa student residence hall. This residence hall is located in the university area of the city and is only a few minutes away from the centre. The facilities of the building offer:

  • Gym
  • Coworkings
  • Study rooms
  • Leisure rooms with table football, billiards and table tennis
  • Car park

What’s more, the rooms are fully equipped and have private bathrooms. Do you still have any doubts? Here we explain why study in Manresa.

Why study in Manresa?

Living in Manresa will give you the peace of mind of living in a welcoming city with all the vitality of a university city. Living in the manresa university residence hall, you will have everything you need within your reach:

  • Nearby green areas for practising sports in the open air.
  • University and city sports clubs.
  • Possibility of enjoying ACB basketball league matches every week, without leaving Manresa.
  • Varied gastronomic offer at your fingertips.
  • Supermarkets within a 2-minute walk of your accommodation.
  • Nightlife at weekends
  • Shopping area within walking distance
  • Well-connected area in terms of transport and access to and from the city.
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Experience the best time of your life on a student stay in Manresa, and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere that you will always remember.