university degrees in barcelona

The baccalaureate is undoubtedly one of the stages in which you suffer the most, not only because of the difficulty, but also because it is from here that you will have to decide about your future. Many of us are born and with little time we already know what we like or what we would like to dedicate ourselves to, but there are others that guide us as we go along. Finish high school, pass the selectivity, and you find that you do not know what path to take as far as your studies. We know that it is difficult to decide so many things in such a short time and, therefore, from Unihabit we help you to clarify your ideas by explaining which university degrees in Barcelona can be to your liking.

University Degrees of Psychology in Barcelona

At the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences of the University of Blanquerna you will have the opportunity to study Psychology and work in small groups. You will learn to understand the human mind and then help people in a positive way. You should know that there are many areas of psychology and, therefore, the outings are numerous.

university degrees in barcelona

University degrees in Barcelona of Infant or Primary Education

At the same university in Blanquerna you have the option of studying these university degrees. If you have never thought that you like children or that teaching is your vocation, why not turn vocation into your future work? You will learn to unfold the capacities and potentialities from the cognitive, motor, emotional and social fields of the children who are in the stage of development, and you will accompany them during all their school stage. Keep in mind, that in the future you will have the opportunity to make progress in the cycles of infant and primary education.

Engineering is always a good option

At the UPC in Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to study Engineering. You can choose from a wide range of typologies that are sure to suit your tastes. You should know that the outings you will obtain once you finish your studies are very extensive and, once you work, you will receive good salaries. You will learn how to work in a team, how to improve your analytical capacity and how to develop a society that is more and more advanced every day.

Advertising, public relations and marketing: the professions of the future

Marketing, it’s future. We all know that we are in a society that continually changes both technologically, as in the forms of communication. Therefore, if you study Marketing you will have the opportunity to be part of this change. On the other hand, Marketing provides you with numerous outlets, since it is one of the most demanded professions nowadays. If you consider that you have creativity, or that communication is your strong point, studying Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing at Blanquerna is your best option.

Close to the Universities of UPC and Blanquerna you will find the Unihabit Residences

The university residences of Ciutat Vella are located in Plaza de la Caramellas, while in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, you can find the university residences of Gràcia. If you need a place to stay during your studies, the Unihabit university residences are what you need. They have an easy connection with public transport, so it will be very easy for you to move around the city. We care about your comfort and, therefore, we provide you with different services that will make you feel at home.ç

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