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Going to an Erasmus program is always an adventure and it is more if you are going to a big city like Barcelona. The first thing you need is an Erasmus residence in Barcelona and where you can stay while you are doing your Erasmus program.

From Unihabit we propose you different residence options and activities so you can have a funny and comfortable stay in Barcelona.

Differents Erasmus residences in Barcelona

From Unihabit we ofer Erasmus residences in different parts of Barcelona:

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Both of them areas are privileged and have many activities you can do around that will make you enjoy much more your Erasmus program in this beautiful city.

Activities in Barcelona for international students

Barcelona is one of the most complete cities. There are infinity of activities you can do in group that will allow you enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

We propose you some activities to enjoy Barcelona the best way:

-Join in into an international group students from your university or residence. This will help you to be around people that are living your situation and it will help you to make new friends and meet new people from around the world. This will make you enjoy even more your stay in Barcelona.

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-Spend a day in Tibidabo park. This is a must have to do in Barcelona. It is a mythical theme park where you will enjoy beautiful views of the city. Whats more it is perfect to go in group so you will have even mucho more fun.

-Picnic and a walk through Ciutadella’s Park. This Ciutadella’s Park is one of the most mythical thins in Barcelona, because of that you can not miss to walk through this park and enjoy a picnic with your friends. Also you can rent a bike and drive through some of the most beautiful parts of this Park.

residencias erasmus en barcelona actividades

-Take advantage of the Sun in the Barceloneta. It is one of the most crowded zone in Barcelona, it is plenty of bars so you can have a drink and eat something, you can also stay in the beach and enjoy a very good mood and a nice weather. You can play voley and practice other sports.

-Enjoy the lights in the Montjuïc Fountain. This is a more quiet plan so you can end the day the best way posible during sunset. Between 20:00 pm and 22:00 pm – depending on the season – you can enjoy this light show.

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This two Erasmus residences in Barcelona will allow you to stay in this zones of Barcelona. On one hand, the residence in Ciutat Vella it is found in the city center where you can find and enjoy a good atmosphere and you are near everything you will need.

On the other hand, the accommodations in Gràcia will allow you to enjoy a beautiful area and streets where you will be able to take a walk through its streets and to enjoy everything around the neighbourhood.


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