Everything you need to know before choosing a room in a residence hall

The Unihabit Ciutat Vella residence hall offers a wide range of options to choose from when the moment comes to decide living away from home and start college. But, how to choose rooms in a residence hall to be comfortable? Is Unihabit Ciutat Vella a good option?  

Unihabit Ciutat Vella has a secure main entrance through Plaça de les Caramelles 5. Barcelona is one of the best university cities in the world, partly thanks to the wide range of studies it offers. Here you can enjoy a multicultural environment and grow both personally and professionally, as we explained previously in our blog.    

There are countless stories and moments that you will enjoy and live in the residence hall. In addition, Unihabit Ciutat Vella has various areas to share daily with colleagues from the student residence.  

Our student residence in Barcelona – Ciutat Vella offers a high quality kitchen and common dining areas where you can cook and share your meals in good company. There is also a large study room to prepare your classes and your exams. However, we also offer two leisure and relaxation areas: one of them is the large courtyard of the building with comfortable benches, tables, and chairs where you can relax. 

The other leisure area is the jewel in the crown: the terrace on the top floor of the building (nearby the MACBA museum). It is a space to forget your concerns lying down on a lounger while you contemplate the landscape of the capital of Catalonia.

This blog is meant to solve your doubts about how to choose rooms in a residence hall. In our Unihabit Ciutat Vella residence hall, we offer several options to be considered. If you are interested, you can find the current price list for 2022-2023.  

how to choose rooms in a residence hall
how to choose rooms in a residence hall

Why booking a single room in a residence hall?

At Unihabit Ciutat Vella we offer single rooms where you can enjoy your stay in an independent and a calm way, just like you want it. 

Individual rooms have very good lighting, personalized air conditioning, desk with drawers and chair, and a shelf where you can store your personal belongings to turn the room into your personal space. 

There are also wardrobes, microwave, refrigerator, toilet and kitchen so you can prepare simple dishes and keep fresh food.

Why booking a superior single room in a residence hall?

Superior single rooms are the flagship of Unihabit Ciutat Vella. This is a double room with a bed and a sofa for the tenant to use and enjoy. 

Likewise, options are the same than in single rooms, but distributed in a larger space. However, there are two desks with drawers, chairs, and shelves. Superior single rooms will give you comfort and more space to organize your daily life.

how to choose rooms in a residence hall

Why booking a double room in a residence hall?

how to choose rooms in a residence hall

Double rooms at Unihabit Ciutat Vella offer the opportunity to share your university experience with other people. How is university life at Unihabit? This is the question of many students when they start studying away from home. At this stage, it is essential to share your thoughts, concerns, and feelings with someone you trust. Double rooms have kitchen, two desks with drawers and chairs, two shelves a shelf per person, adjustable temperature, and a toilet.  

If you want to share a double room, our professional staff will suggest the best partner so you feel comfortable.

Why booking a triple room in a residence hall?

Booking a triple room at Unihabit Ciutat Vella is synonymous with living unique experiences in a familiar and welcoming environment.

Choosing this option, you will live with other students so you will feel at home. Living the university experience in the company of other will help you to grow personally, to add points of view and to live unrepeatable experiences to be remembered.

Triple rooms at Unihabit Ciutat Vella have three desks with drawers, chairs, cabinets, and shelves; adjustable temperature, toilet and kitchen, the same than other kinds of rooms we offer.

At Unihabit, we will choose your roommates taking into account your personality, preferences, and interests. Thus, we will make sure that you feel at home.

how to choose rooms in a residence hall

Leave your accommodation in the hands of Unihabit during your university stage!

Trust your accommodation to Unihabit and all will be advantages. Do not worry about anything! 

Please contact us to solve any questions, we will be happy to help you. You can call +34 935 953 953 or if you prefer, write to us at info@unihabit.com.