Don’t miss the opportunity to visit historical and emblematic buildings of the city

The Open House Barcelona festival aims to enhance and show to anyone who wants the architectural jewels and historic buildings of a city as important as the Catalan capital.

It will take place on the weekend of 26 and 27 October 2019, by holding a series of activities related to the world of architecture, and opening the doors of a long list of private buildings, specifically more than 200, all considered of great historical and architectural value.

This year it will be possible to visit buildings as representative of Barcelona as the Arc del Trionf, the church of Santa María del Pi, the Liceu, the magical fountains of Montjuïc, the Miró Foundation, the hospital of Sant Pau, the MNAC or even Gaudí’s Bellesguard tower.

What are the objectives of this international architecture competition?

In conclusion, it is a unique opportunity to understand what some of Barcelona’s most unique buildings represent for the city, usually closed to the general public and completely free of charge. The truth is that this competition will help you to understand architecture as an extremely important artistic and cultural element in the evolution and growth of the city, which over time has acquired the same relevance and transcendence as other disciplines such as cinema, literature or gastronomy.

The origin of a project like Open House Barcelona

The Open House Barcelona project was promoted in 2010 by the association of the same name. Since then, its success has not ceased to grow until this year’s edition, becoming an event of international interest for all lovers of architecture.

The residence Unihabit Ciutat Vella is one of the buildings that can be visited during the weekend

From the university residence Barcelona in Ciutat Vella, located in the Plaza de les Caremelles 5, we are extremely grateful to the direction of the festival for having chosen our building to participate in these interesting days. It will be open all Saturday and we would love for you to stop by at some point. You should think of it as one more cultural activity, just as enriching as watching a play, going to a concert by your favourite artist or eating in a good restaurant. How are you going to miss it?