The University Carnival is one of the best excuses to go out with your university friends, but sometimes it is difficult to agree with your whole group of friends on the best costume. Some prefer simple ideas, but others prefer more original and complex ones.

Even so, you all agree on one fundamental issue: the most important thing is to enjoy the night (and wear the best costumes of the party!).

From Unihabit’s university residences, we propose three group costumes to wear at the university carnival 2024:

Eighties costume

It may sound like a typical costume, but it’s perfect if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands between exams and classes. Rummage through your parents’ wardrobe, you’re sure to find some of your favourite 80s clothes and accessories. Play with the trends and colours of that time, accessorise your costume with accessories, do your make-up and hair just like in the 80s. Watch films or video clips and get inspired! And who says 80s… I mean any other decade!

carnaval universitario disfraz ochentero

Barbie & Ken costume

The Barbie movie has been the talk of 2023, and no wonder! That’s why, for carnival 2024, a guaranteed trend is the barbie costume. But don’t think that the whole group has to be the same… There are so many Barbies in the film! And Kens, too, of course! Get together with your group of friends from university and choose which Barbie or Ken you want to be. What do you need for your costume? Watch the film of course, and get lots of inspiration for your character! Who will be the Barbie hairdresser? Or the dancing Ken? Or Barbie and Ken skaters?

carnaval universitario barbie y ken

Costume Willy Wonka and his characters

The film “Wonka” starring Timothée Chalamet and serving as a prequel to the story “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has also been the talk of the town since its release in 2023.

Who hasn’t seen the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?

Decide with your fellow students which Wonka character each of you would like to be, and make your group the winner for the best group costume!

carnaval universitario willy wonka