If next year your university period begins and you are thinking about where you are going to live it, at Unihabit we want to show you all the reasons why you should choose our university residence hall in Barcelona Unihabit Ciutat Vella.

Advantages of living in our university residence hall in Barcelona Unihabit Ciutat Vella

A big dilemma when students are about to start their time at university is whether to opt for accommodation in a shared flat or, on the contrary, to enjoy the many comforts that a student residence can offer:

Your peace of mind and that of your family:

The truth is that sometimes the beginnings can be a little difficult, so it is better to start your time at university in a place where you can adapt at your own pace to this new life; get to know the city and the university centre; be calm and that your family is also calm. Bear in mind that, if you suddenly go to live in a shared flat without knowing anyone, you may have some bad experiences. In a university residence hall you will also meet people who are experiencing being away from home for the first time like you, and you can even study at your own university.

Safety in student accommodation:

Student flats do not usually have any security system installed. On the other hand, in the residences there are people who make sure that you are comfortable, calm and don’t worry about anything. All our student residences in barcelona, girona, manresa and sant cugat offer great security!

The most economical option:

The price of rented flats in Barcelona is sky high, as you not only have to take into account the rent, but you also have to add expenses, Internet, food, etc. If you do your calculations, you will see that living in a residence can be more profitable, as the price of the annual fee pays for your stay, with the consumption costs and other services included.

residencia universitaria barcelona ciutat vella

A very important factor; the services included:

In a student residence you have your own or communal kitchen and laundry service. In addition, you can have your room cleaned among the services you choose, so you only have to worry about your studies and enjoy the comforts of living in a place with a variety of services included at your disposal.

You will be able to meet people your own age:

Student residences give you the opportunity to meet and interact with people from different places, with cultures, religions and languages very different from your own. So, you can discover people with other perspectives and thoughts and learn from them. However, in shared flats you will always share the space with the same people and it limits you from meeting new people.

A place fully adapted to the student’s life:

The residence is a place full of students, so you will undoubtedly live in an environment adapted to your academic needs. You will only have to worry about studying! On the other hand, in the shared flats you won’t have a whole infrastructure adapted to your university life.

residencia universitaria barcelona unihabit

If with all that we have told you you feel like getting to know our student residences in Barcelona, Girona, Manresa or Sant Cugat, visit us!

Why live in the Unihabit Ciutat Vella university residence hall in Barcelona?

If there is a favourite city par excellence in all student rankings, it is Barcelona. Along with Granada and Salamanca, it always appears in the top of favourite destinations for university students. And no wonder, because living in Barcelona as a student can be for many a dream. But what is it about this city?

  • It is a cosmopolitan city: It has all the advantages of an international capital: leisure in abundance, a great gastronomic offer and first-class entertainment.
  • The city’s climate: If we talk about Barcelona, we cannot overlook its warm and pleasant climate, which will allow you to enjoy your stay in this great city even more.
  • Its infrastructure and great mobility: Getting around Barcelona is easy and its hundreds of kilometres of cycle lanes, which have been added in recent years, make getting around the city by bike a real luxury. What’s more, the whole city is connected by bus, metro, train and tram.
  • The history and charms of Barcelona: Barcelona is an architectural showcase, with an impressive historical and cultural heritage. Park Güell, the Sagrada Família, El Raval, El Castell de Montjuïc…
residencia universitaria barcelona
  • Multiculturalism: The Catalan capital is full of life that pulsates continuously in its streets. It is a place where a wide variety of nationalities and cultures come together, so you can learn new languages and meet students from all over the world.

These are just some of the many advantages of living in Barcelona – discover them all and live your own experience!

Why live in our student residences in Barcelona?

If we have convinced you to live in a residence hall for students in Barcelona, the time has come for you to get to know our facilities, located in the very heart of the Catalan capital, in the district of Ciutat Vella.

Barcelona Unihabit Ciutat Vella Residence Hall

This residence hall, located at Plaça de les Caramelles n.5 in Barcelona, is housed in a historic building in the city, refurbished and remodelled to accommodate students like you.

Apart from offering accommodation in the centre of Barcelona, our student residence hall has a very good connection with the main metro lines, train and bus stations, so that you will be able to get to any point of the Catalan capital in less than 30 minutes. Is this an advantage or not?

On the other hand, you will be able to walk to the University of Barcelona; the Blanquerna-Ramon Llull University; Plaça Catalunya or the MACBA museum, which is just a stone’s throw away.

If we talk about the advantages of the Barcelona Unihabit Ciutat Vella university residence hall, we cannot forget that everything has been thought out and designed to make you feel at home, in a comfortable, safe and warm space.

It is also important to have a place where you can rest, be at your leisure and disconnect from the routine. In this sense, we want you to know that you can choose between single, double or triple rooms for students, depending on your needs. These are equipped with all the comforts to guarantee the greatest comfort.

We cannot forget the common areas, which are designed so that you can continue with your studies, offering you everything you need: modern and spacious communal kitchen, study and relaxation rooms, laundry, bicycle parking, inner courtyard… What more could you ask for?

The truth is that in our facilities… You will live a thousand and one unforgettable moments! We assure you that once you finish your time at university, you will remember them fondly, don’t think twice!

Other Unihabit halls of residence in Barcelona

After everything we’ve told you about Barcelona, you’re probably looking forward to coming to live in the city and living your university experience. But, do you still have the idea that you would like to be able to enjoy living in a flat and not just a room? At Unihabit we also offer you apartment-type accommodation in the Gràcia neighbourhood, from which you can choose to share or stay individually.

The Barcelona Gracia residence hall has a fully equipped space with a kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as connections with all kinds of transport: walking access to the metro, bus lines, trains, railways, taxis…

Would you like to get to know one of our university residences in Barcelona? Contact our team and we will solve all your doubts with a view to the next academic year.