If you find it hard to imagine what life and daily life in a university residence hall is like, in this article we detail all the advantages of living in this type of accommodation as a student. Read it and find out for sure! Being able to imagine it will no longer be your greatest wish, but wanting to live this experience in your next academic year, yes.

Advantages of living in a university residence

Living in a university residence has great advantages, whether it is the first time you are living away from your parents’ home, or if you have already had previous experiences. Although you may think that at first it will be difficult to adapt and you may even feel a little scared about it, the reality is quite different. At Unihabit we bring together all the essentials to make your stay unique, entertaining and unforgettable.

Living together in a university hall of residence

From the very first day you will feel accompanied, both by the warm welcome that our team will give you and by the exciting and familiar atmosphere that you will feel within the walls of a university residence.

In the first few weeks you will experience magical moments, such as meeting many people from different parts of the world, or the first times you will share moments with your new companions. The friendships you make in the residence hall are so intense and special that they are for life.

Living in a residence is like having a second family. If you have had a hard day and you just want to talk to a friend and rest, you have your own space for that, it is like being at home. Or if, on the contrary, you feel like having a good time and doing some activity, you will always find someone who is willing to venture out and join you.

Also, remember that the Unihabit team is available 24 hours a day to make your day-to-day life easier, they will help and support you in everything you need during your stay, whatever the situation, they will be your best ally.

Housework in a university hall of residence

The list of tasks you have to do when you live in a Unihabit residence hall is much shorter than when you share a flat. At Unihabit all the basic services are included:

On the one hand, the cleaning of your room and the cleaning of the common areas is included in the fee. Likewise, you also have other essential services that you can hire separately, such as parking space, laundry, or if you need any kitchen utensils or kitchenware such as towels or sheets.

On the other hand, living in Unihabit not only will you forget about having to contract and pay for the Internet, gas or electricity, but also, if they break down, you will be able to contact reception and the maintenance staff will take care of it immediately.

Living in this way allows you to dedicate more time to other tasks or hobbies, such as studying, relaxing and resting or sharing experiences with your colleagues and friends. It’s all advantages!

Events and activities in a university residence

If you are one of those people who can’t sit still, or those who love to be surrounded by people all the time and hang out with other people, living in a university residence is the ideal option for you. You will have a social life at all times and all kinds of entertainment.

Leisure activities are usually organised on a weekly basis, so boredom will not be an option: parties and themed events, a variety of workshops, sports activities and tournaments, board games, cultural visits, excursions to amusement parks or to nature, among many others.

Common areas of a university residence hall

All our rooms and flats are multifunctional and fully equipped, you will not be short of anything. Even so, we are sure that you will spend much more time in the common areas interacting and sharing experiences with other residents. As these spaces are shared by all of us, we also take great care of them together.

Study zone

Do you have exams coming up and need a quiet space in which to concentrate and study? In the Unihabit residence halls you will find a wonderful study area fully equipped so that you can work at ease and achieve the best results in your studies.

ventajas de vivir en una residencia universitaria
ventajas de vivir residencia universitaria

The community kitchen

Do you want to cook a special dish hand in hand with another partner and need space? You have at your disposal a huge communal kitchen fully equipped to cook whatever you want.

Sports Area

Are you a lover of sport and adrenaline? You don’t need to join a gym, you have areas with fitness machines for training, or if you are more into team sports, you can practice different sports such as volleyball or basketball in the residences that have outdoor sports areas equipped for this purpose.

ventajas vivir residencia universitaria
ventajas vivir en una residencia universitaria

The lounges and the dining room

The lounges and dining room will become your favourite corners of the residence. Whether it’s sharing a snack or a delicious dinner, having an interesting conversation or reflecting on life, or watching the latest Netflix series in the multimedia room, these are where you’ll experience most of your resident moments.

The exterior

We all like to be able to go out and enjoy the fresh air or the sunshine at any time. At Unihabit you can do this without having to leave the building itself. One of the best advantages of living in university residences is being able to enjoy well-kept and safe outdoor spaces, the views of the city from our terraces will make you fall in love!

ventajas vivir en residencia universitaria

Ultimately, choosing a Unihabit residence hall is not just an accommodation decision, it’s a lifestyle choice. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community, enjoy modern amenities, find the support you need and live university life to the fullest.

If you have any questions or would like to see our residence facilities for yourself, contact us and we’ll tell you all about it. And if you are sure that you belong here, you can already make a reservation, we are waiting for you at Unihabit!