Although some may disagree, halls are a great choice of accommodation for masters and PhD students

Halls of residence for masters and PhD students

As spring arrives, many students in the fourth year of their university degree start to realise how quickly their final exams are coming round and how soon they have to hand in their dissertations that will take them a step closer to their goal as a student. Meanwhile, students also start to look at the long list of masters and postgraduate courses available to find out which ones will allow them to specialise in their preferred discipline and, in turn, they will become masters students.

And that’s not all, the choice of masters brings with it organising day-to-day life as a student in this new phase. For many, student flats or travelling to and fro every day is not a viable option since studying for a masters requires many more hours and a lot of dedication.

Why you should you consider halls like the Unihabit halls of residence for masters and PhD students

Some people wrongly believe that student halls of residence are only an option for students who are just starting their undergraduate degrees, who are moving away from home for the first time and, as a result, are a bit lost.  That could not be further from the truth: halls with rooms for students are a fantastic option for the post-compulsory stages of education, including for masters and PhDs. At Unihabit, we are convinced of this and that’s why we offer accommodation for masters students in Barcelona.

Halls of residence for masters and PhD students

Staying in one of our halls of residence guarantees students will have all of their needs covered, beyond just the accommodation. They will have access to a dining room, areas for social interaction with the community that lives in the same halls and, in particular, spaces designed and adapted for studying. It can often be hard to find a space to concentrate, study and carry out research in optimum conditions in a student flat. The living room-dining room is often the place where people eat, study and interact with flatmates. 

The postgraduate halls of residence in Barcelona belonging to Unihabit offer endless comforts so students can invest all of the time they save in travelling and doing household chores on studying. There is a 24 hour reception service, gardens and outdoor terraces, a communal kitchen and communal leisure areas. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there are study rooms and fully equipped multimedia areas where residents can study, research and learn in perfect conditions: Unihabit’s halls of residence for masters and PhD students are 100% connected to the digital world!

The day-to-day life of students living in our halls of residence is comfortable and simple. Extremely positive synergies are created between students who have just arrived and those who have spent longer forming part of our community. They help each other and build links that go beyond the simple politeness of people living in a shared space.  Within Unihabit’s halls of residence, many group and leisure activities are organised to encourage interaction between the people that live there.

The ideal accommodation for masters students in Barcelona

If you become a masters student in Barcelona next year and you are considering different accommodation options, Unihabit’s halls of residence might be exactly what you need to enjoy and make the most of this this new phase.

They are all fully equipped and guarantee the comfort, well-being and safety of their residents.  The accommodation for masters students in Barcelona that we offer is as follows:

  • Barcelona Ciutat Vella university halls of residence. Situated in the center of Barcelona, it offers you all of the comforts so you can focus on studying and learning. It is strategically located, you can get to the university by public transport or even a short walk.

  • Accommodation in Gracia, Barcelona. Apartments located in the friendly neighbourhood of Gracia. The area is well connected and easy to access using public transport, so you won’t have any problems reaching your new home. In addition, you will be able to enjoy everything the neighbourhood has to offer in terms of  gastronomy, shopping, culture and leisure.

In both cases, future residents can choose whether they want separate individual accommodation or they want to share with other students. Moreover, our prices are tailored to the duration of different courses and range from just one month to nine months or more. That way, you won’t have to pay anything at all over the summer, unlike student flats where you have to pay rent all year round even if you aren’t living there. You will be able to spend the money you save on your holidays.

The future lies in specialisation and masters and PhDs are the tool to achieve it

The work and professional environment is becoming increasingly competitive which is why more and more university students continue their education after finishing their undergraduate degrees. Students who apply to study for a masters have to pre-register or enrol between May and June the year before. In some specific cases, the enrolment period is extended until September.

Barcelona offers students a vast range of masters and postgraduate options related to different fields and sectors. There are masters in the areas of science, humanistic, social and technical studies and even in more wide-reaching disciplines related to the management of human teams and competences or soft skills for professional development.

Halls of residence for masters and PhD students

The Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona are the three large Catalan public universities located in the capital and surroundings of Barcelona. They have a wide range of masters and PhDs so students can continue with their learning. 

If you have chosen any of these universities or you are thinking about choosing to continue with your studies, Unihabit’s halls of residence in Barcelona are a fantastic option for you to take maximum advantage of this new phase and invest more time in studying.

You can contact the Unihabit team to answer any questions about our accommodation for masters students. We are here and ready to answer any queries or concerns you may have by email at or by calling 935 953 953. We would love you to become a member of the Unihabit Family!