Hi Blanca, can you introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Blanca Angrill and I’m an architecture student at ETSAV here next to the residence. I have been living in Unihabit for 6 months now. I saw that the residence was very good, it was very nice, so basically I chose to live here as a priority to me, to myself, to my dream and to enjoy my career both as a student and as a sportswoman. For me the truth is that I really appreciate the fact that the residence is right next to my university, I literally have the door of the university a minute away. It is very good to be able to get up much more quickly when it is time to go to class and to be able to get out of class when you are very hungry and want anything and to be able to come to your room, to be in your space in less than a minute. So I think this is very good for me and also one of the things that made me come here.

Blanca Angrill

What do you like most about the residence hall?

Compared to other residences I think it is a very open residence, with a lot of light. It is very nice and basically having your companions close by is also very good.

Being able to eat, to have dinner, to be able to do everything with your friends in the same residence is one of the things I like the most.

Have you made good friends at the residence?

Yes yes, the truth is that I have made very good friends, luckily most of my class friends are also in the residence and the truth is that I am very grateful because it is easier to do work or to combine the fact that “I’m going to eat” and be all eating together or “I’m going to college” and go all together … In the end I think we have made a good pineapple and let’s see if … Let’s keep it up!

Do you have any funny anecdotes that you remember?

One that I thought was very nice and very good. Apart from meeting all my classmates that I already knew from the university, at the welcome party at the entrance of this year, when I entered Unihabit, the truth is that meeting the other students who were in unihabit who were not from architecture, being able to see all the people, all the atmosphere that was cooking here inside, was very nice and very emotional.

Why did you decide to study this career?

When I was in high school I realized that I liked this type of housing design, house design, being able to build your own project and basically I realized this. Also now that I am studying this career I have become passionate and I really like the topic of structures. That is the reason why I chose this career.

Blanca Angrill Estudiando

In one sentence, how would you define yourself Blanca?

I am a very organized person with the things I have to do and the time I have to do them.

What are your hobbies?

I like surfing a lot, more in summer, obviously, and also all kinds of tennis, paddle because when I was little in summer I went to camps and stuff like that and I like it a lot.

Do you practice any special sport?

I am a professional roller field hockey player in the Club Patí Manlleu right now, a club that is next to the city of Vic. I’m in the maximum state category which is called Hockey Liga Femenina Iberdrola.

Basically, I play at the Spanish level and also this year I’m playing at the European level which would be called the Champions League.

Blanca Angrill Hockey

What is your greatest sporting achievement?

I have had a complicated career, I am very young and I have not managed to win any very important title, but personally to be able to play and participate in a league such as the European Cup which would be in this case the Champions League or to aspire to win a title such as the League or the Queen’s Cup for me is my greatest achievement and my goals for the end of my career or these years that I am playing, is basically to win a major title or achieve my dream which is to win them all.

Blanca, how do you combine your sports career with your studies?

The truth is that being a high performance or elite athlete as you want to call it, the university makes it easier for me many times the fact that if I have a trip with my team or if I have to take an exam and I have a game or a training session, I can change my schedule and that makes it much easier for me to attend class or to attend an exam.

How do you benefit from being in residence and being able to combine the two?

I saw that there was a very good environment, very healthy and very comfortable, and finally, because of what I said before… the whole issue of transportation and all that, I chose to come to live in the residence.

Do you have a favorite book?

Honestly, I am not a person who reads a lot of books, I prefer series or movies, but a few years ago I read a book by Javier Castillo, called “La chica de nieve”, which I liked a lot and I recommend it to everyone.

What kind of series do you like?

The kind of series that I like are those that leave you with intrigue, that are like investigative, the detective ones, because that way it’s a way to get hooked on the series that you can’t stop watching it until it’s over.

Do you have a favorite saying or phrase in your life?

Not right now, but I do remember that when I was younger I went to Canada to live for a few months and there was a phrase that marked me a lot which was “believe in yourself”, which in the end is what you have to do in your day to day life to be able to live, to make your life better, to be good with yourself and trust in yourself to move forward.

Do you have a pet peeve?

I am always told that I am a very punctual person. That if I have to be somewhere for an hour, I always arrive between a quarter of an hour and 10 minutes early. It’s one thing that I am like that and it makes me very nervous and stresses me out a lot knowing that I might be late at some point and this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Another thing is that sometimes they are manias like temporary that when I go to train or I have a match, I put on anything of clothes or do anything and I say well if it works for me… and finally there is some day that it fails. That’s why I say they are temporary manias.

What is your favorite food?

I like olives very much, I love them. But the olives would be like a complement, the dish of food would be the soup.

Do you cook in the residence?

I do cook, I cook every day. I don’t cook a lot of complicated or difficult things. Basically grilled chicken, hamburgers, salmon, vegetables, salads… the basics. I don’t have a dish that says this is Blanca’s dish.

Would you travel to the future or go back to the past?

I think I would prefer to go back to the past so that I could rectify all the things that I did not like or that should be changed.

If you had a super power, which one would you like to have?

I think that among all the super powers that one could have, I would like to be able to read people’s minds, because I am a person who really likes to know how people think, to know what they think of me so that I can continue to grow as a person. So I think the power to read minds would be perfect for me.

Finally, Blanca, a few words that you could give to the students of the residence or the new ones that may come.

For the newcomers coming this year: that they enter with great enthusiasm, without fear of anything, living alone is a new experience, it is a journey and being able to meet people will also help you grow to live alone.

And for the people who are here, I think they can say the same thing they can say to me. In the end we have to come here to enjoy, and as I said before, to grow as a person, without fear of anything and to move forward.