What to do when you finish your college degree?

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Master or postgraduate?…. I’m sure if you’re studying for a degree at the university, you’ve asked yourself that question a lot of times. But… What’s the difference between one thing and another?

Today we are going to clarify one of the doubts that most students have: the difference between postgraduate and master’s degrees. Do they enjoy the same recognition? Do they have the same duration?

When we refer to the term postgraduate, we are referring to any type of training that takes place after a university degree. Therefore, we are not mistaken when we say that a master’s degree is a type of postgraduate degree. But a master’s degree is a more difficult and specialised type of study than what is popularly known as a postgraduate degree. Master’s degrees can last up to two years, while postgraduate degrees are usually university courses of around 150 hours and 60 credits. On the other hand, master’s degrees can be 120 credits, have greater difficulty and provide students with a higher level of university specialisation.

Other essential differences that we want to highlight from Unihabit

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Another of the main differences between a master’s degree and a postgraduate degree is access. While it is compulsory to hold a university degree in order to take a master’s degree, to take a postgraduate degree, in many cases, it is only necessary to accredit the skills necessary to do so.

While the master’s degree is considered the end of the second university cycle, a postgraduate degree is somewhat more generic and simple, and more than one can be taken during the same academic year. Unlike master’s degrees, postgraduate courses do not usually require a large number of teaching hours or professional internships.

It is also important to note that the two models are complementary and on many occasions, you can study first the postgraduate degree to finish the master.

In conclusion, from Unihabit we recommend that if you want to continue advancing to complete higher education, the master is your best option. If, on the other hand, you want to specialize more but don’t want to spend so much money or don’t have so much time, then a postgraduate degree is much better for you.

You just have to analyze your circumstances, your interests and make a decision about it.