University study techniques: guidelines and tips you should put into practice

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There’s no secret about studying and preparing for exams. As you devote more hours to it, you will obtain better results. But it’s true that there are different study techniques for the University, which will make it a little easier for you to retain knowledge and clarify your ideas for the Christmas midterm exams, which are just around the corner.

Taking notes by hand is the ideal way to retain all information

Although we find ourselves immersed in the information age and new technologies, be clear that if you take notes by hand, you will retain the information much better. You will be forced to reflect on everything you write, developing your capacity for analysis, exercising your memory and fostering your critical thinking. Therefore, from Unihabit we recommend that you forget about computers and tablets to attend classes and turn the pen into your best friend. You won’t regret it!

University study techniques: do it with time and avoid marathon days, they are much less productive

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Living in Barcelona is complicated during exam time, but you must avoid distractions at all costs. Focus your efforts on studying a few hours each day and don’t leave everything for the last week. It is more than proven that marathon study days, which we have all been forced to suffer at some point in our lives, are much less productive. Try to be orderly, methodical, rigorous and disciplined. You will see that everything is much simpler. Listen attentively to the teachers, concentrate in class and form a work group with people with your same concerns.

Escucha con atención a los profesores, concéntrate en clase y forma un grupo de trabajo con gente con tus mismas inquietudes

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This is one of the study techniques for the University that you should take more into account. You know what the saying goes, unity makes strength. From our student residence in Barcelona we recommend that you form a study and work group, with people who bring you serenity, confidence and the right environment to face the exam period. Attend in class, concentrate during the sessions and rely on the teachers. They are sure to help you in whatever is necessary and resolve all your doubts, do not forget that this is their job and also their vocation, take advantage of it.

From Unihabit it only remains for us to wish you luck and encourage you to face the exams with strength, determination and courage.