What should you take into account to access to university?

In order to access the degree and university that you desire, you must first check out if you meet the “requirements” that each university program requests. How do you do this?

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Cut-off marks university programs

The cut-off mark for a given degree, is the lowest mark that is allowed to access the course. The university accepts a determined number of students for each degree. When the pre-registration process begins, the universities accept the candidate students in an orderly manner, starting with the ones that have the highest cut-off mark. The last student accepted in the degree (the one who occupies the last spot), establishes the cut-off mark for that specific degree and university for the next year.

Thus, students who are getting ready to enter university should check out the cut-off marks of their desired university programs in order to get an idea of whether they will be admitted.

However, there is some information regarding cut-off marks that you should know. First, college career cut-offs, are only for public universities, private ones use other methods. Second, these marks change every year. They usually vary by a few tenths, but if a degree becomes fashionable, the mark could vary greatly. Finally, it must be said that the cut-off marks are only indicative. Because are made with student grades and the academic demand from the previous year. For this reason, in the case that your cut-off mark does not reach the cut-off grade for the degree that you wish to take, do not quit and write it as the first option in the preregistration form. Maybe you will get surprised!

Cut-off marks for bachelor’s degree courses in Catalonia

Having said that, from Unihabit, we want to discuss with you the results of this year’s cut-off marks, starting with the highest.

  • Higher cut-off marks

Once again in Catalonia, the grade with the highest cut-off mark is the Double Degree in Physics and Mathematics at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) with a 13,418 out of 14. Followed by the same degree at the Universidad de Barcelona (UB) with a 13,290. The next highest grade belongs to the Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) with a 12,774. Then there are the Mathematics Degree at the Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) with a 12,762 and the Medicine Degree at the Universidad de Barcelona (UB) with 12,634. If you want to see the full list of the highest cut-off marks, you can do it by clicking on the provided link.

  • Most demanded academic degrees

It is also important to highlight the degrees chosen as the first choice for students this year in Catalonia. The university programs that have been most requested in Barcelona have been; Medicine, Business Administration, and Management and Psychology.

  • Cut-off marks for university programs

If you want to know which are the specific cut-off marks for the different grades that may interest you, you can get informed by accessing the provided link above.

Do you already know what you want to study? Start organizing your university experience!

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