The spring when you’re a student is one of the best times of the year. The days are longer, the afternoons of strolling around Barcelona never end… But, in the midst of all these plans, there is one thing that any university student has in mind: the final exams of the course.

Studying for final exams in June is not easy, there are a thousand and one plans that draw our attention to enjoy them with our friends! But before thinking about the holidays we must pass the final exams (and spend a lot of study time!).

From the Unihabit university residences we have prepared three tips for you to take into account so that you get the best study environment and can pass your evaluations!

1.Prepare a study schedule now that you have time!

The organization and planning is a fundamental pillar to prepare the examinations for the end of course. To all of us it has happened that, suddenly, we have more than five exams programmed the same week, and we do not know from where to start!

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In order to do this, Unihabit’s university residences recommend that you prepare a study schedule weeks before the exams. This way you will be able to distribute the study hours with time and arrive the week before with everything under control. Do you think it will be possible? Sure it will!

2. Get the ideal environment for you in Unihabit’s study rooms

Every person is unique and, when it comes to studying too. Many prefer to study individually in their rooms, while others like to share study time with other fellows.

For this purpose, in the Unihabit residences we offer study rooms so that you can prepare for the exams together with all your classmates and stay even better than in your faculty library!

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We have study rooms open 24/7 with access to WIFI without limitations so you can study without having to worry about external factors.

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3.Hydrate and eat well

Another factor to consider during examination times is your health. During exam weeks, stress takes over all the students, that’s why it is important to maintain a good diet and be well hydrated to be able to give the maximum of your performance.

In the kitchens of the Unihabit university residences you will be able to prepare energetic and ideal meals together with your fellows.

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Check out three university recipes that you can prepare in our kitchens for during study periods.

Contact us for more information and book your room for the next course with the best university atmosphere. We have the facilities you need for your study sessions.

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