Paula García Hernández, Doctor

Paula García Hernández, doctor

  • 21.05.2019

One of our residents is Paula García Hernández (13.10.1997), a medical student at the Clínic who currently lives in our residences in Ciutat Vella (Barcelona). 1. What are you studying? Medicine at the Clinic 2. How long have you been…

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University Graduation: 5 Tips To Make It A Success

University graduation: 5 tips to make it a success

  • 23.04.2019

The end of the year arrives and, as happens every year, many students will celebrate their university graduation. Four intense years of study, classes, long nights and tireless exams have come to an end. Finally, the graduates will have the…

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Ayman Ibrahim The Egyptian Architect

Ayman Ibrahim the Egyptian architect

  • 15.04.2019

Within our different resident profiles, we have Ayman Ibrahim, 31, who is studying the master's degree: "Parametric Desing in Architecture" at Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV) and lives in our residence in Sant Cugat. Ayman is from the land of the Pharaohs,…

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TICCamaras Grants A Subsidy To Unihabit

TICCamaras grants a subsidy to Unihabit

  • 3.04.2019

TICCámaras grants a subsidy to Unihabit to incorporate new technologies in university residences The 3 subsidized projects have allowed to improve the technological and digital service of the students of the residences of Barcelona, Girona and Sant Cugat. The TICCámaras,…

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